2017 – 2018 Suppers


All Suppers and Lectures are held at The Gateway, University of Bedfordshire in rooms G11. G.12 and G.13 (next to Costa Coffee).

2nd October 2017 – Butterflies

Reading and Question

Butterflies Presentation

Teachers on Twitter

Twitter Presentation

Flipboard Presentation


Forward Planning ideas

Notes from the Evening – which butterfly gave the best impact

2nd November 2017 – Getting people talking – writing for dialogue

Reading and Question

Presentation from Simon Wrigley 

Notes from the Evening


Forward Planning

28th November 2017 – Ian Gilbert Lecture – END OF TERM LECTURE

23rd January 2018 – 3T Supper

Reading and question 23.01.18


1. 3T night slides

2. Spaghetti and marshmallow challenge

3.Time Presentation

4. Talent presentation

5. Technology Presentation

6. Transferrable skills

7. Feedback to AEFP

Notes from the Evening


Evaluation data

Forward Planning



6th March 2018 – Supper

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Ice Breaker

Reading and Question

Evaluation Data

Forward Planning

26th April – End of Term Lecture

Education Fit For The Future Presentation (1)

17th May 2018 – Supper


Homework – Talk 17 May 2018 – Final 2

Enrichment – Jonathan Hooley

ICT – Dan Veal

Research – Natalie Morris

Working Together – Charlie Palmer

Evaluation 17.05.18

Forward planning 17.05.18

Forward Planning

26th June 2018 – Lecture

Great Denham Primary

12th July 2018 – Supper

The Big Education Conversation PP – 12th July 2018.docx

Notes from the Evening

The Big Education Conversation table notes – 12th July 2018


Evaluation Data 12.07.18

Forward Planning

Forward planning Document 12.07.18