About the Fellowship

AEFP FINALThe Associate Educational Fellowship (AEF) is a self-organising, self-managing group of educational professionals established in 2014 under the umbrella of the Bedford Borough Learning Exchange (BBLE). It was formed in partnership with the University of Bedfordshire.

We set our own objectives, priorities and action plans.

In 2016/2017, after two years it is now working in partnership with the University of Bedfordshire, the Bedford Borough Learning Exchange and the Harpur Trust.  At a meeting on 6th June 2017 these objectives were reviewed:


BBLE Objectives.

We are part of the BBLE and share its core objectives:

  • To foster mutual support and understanding
  • To seek out good and emergent practice
  • To collaborate and build consensus
  • Enable effective learning partnerships
  • To engage in programmes of enquiry and innovation to improve the quality of teaching and learning

The Associate Educational Fellowship will further these objectives by improving the confidence of professional educators, providing opportunities for practical collaboration. Our key focus is to improve the educational experience and outcomes for all pupils.

  • Build our individual and collective professional confidence to bring about effective change
  • To create time and space for professional reflectionHarpurLogo
  • Provide a voice for professional dialogue

Practical Collaboration

  • Build a climate of professional trust
  • A space between Practitioner and formal research
  • Collaborate not compete to improve outcomes for all
  • Share ideas and resources
  • Share our experiences and inspire others to follow and engage in enquiry
  • Facilitate enquiry activities both within and across schools
  • Share what works, what doesn’t and understand why
  • Build strong relationships with the educational community (the university)



The Harpur Trust