Personalisation Meta-study

Tuesday 28th April 2015 update

THE RESEARCH REVIEW TOOL : Using Literature Reviews to Support Practitioner Enquiry has been written from the outcomes of the personalisation meta-study:  click here to download.

Tuesday 9th December update


Wednesday 5th November Fellowship supper – research focus

Fellows were asked to chose a focus area from within the eight themes relating to PERSONALISATION.  They were then allocated at least one article relating to this theme, asked to read the article and feedback on the evaluation document.

Fellows can access the allotted research articles by clicking on the relevant focus areas below:

(If you are unable to link directly to the research  you require, please copy and paste the URL address directly into your browser to view)

Flipping Learning

Project based learning

Home Schooling

Minimally invasive education

Learning Styles

Misconceptions and unlearning


Personalised learning

The evaluation document  (to record your findings) is accessible by clicking here.  If you prefer to complete a word document please download by clicking here.