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The Associate Educational Fellowship is always looking to recruit new members.

The Fellowship can offer you:

  • A settled ‘home’ at the University of Bedfordshire;
  • A settled supper-night format of:  ‘supper – reading – question – speaker ’;
  • National-level speakers which have included:
    Professor Tim Brighouse, Baroness Estelle Morris and Professor Steve Higgins
  • A set of objectives
  • A research review tool
  • A growing network of national links including: ResearchEd, MESHGuides and numerous links on Twitter
  • A three-year track record of successful Fellowship activities

Anyone who is involved in education, whether as teacher, a lecturer, a member of the support staff or as a governor/trustee within Bedford Borough, can become a Fellow. All you need to be is curious about how we can improve practice in schools, be reflective, creative and be able to work as part of a team.

Take a look at our Fellowship Movie (Talking Heads) that will hopefully give you a ‘feel’ for what the Fellowship is about. It gives a number of compelling reasons to join!

There are two ways to become a Fellow.  Both need to be endorsed by a school or educational organisation to which you are affiliated but you can either be sponsored by the school/organisation or become a Fellow independently.

The cost is £100 per Fellow.  This will entitle you to:

  • Attend six ‘Suppers’ during the year (once every half term) for two-hour Fellowship meetings  (food included) to hear local speakers or Fellows on subjects chosen by Fellows themselves;
  • Have an opportunity to hear top national and international keynote speakers at our termly lectures;
  • Be a member of the UoB Library;
  • Have quick and easy access to up-to-date, national and international research through our Academic Liaison Fellow;
  • Take the opportunity to shape and be part of new research-related course modules as they develop;
  • Get published – if that interests you!

Join us on Twitter and see who else is interested in what we are doing!  https://twitter.com/aefpbeds

Click here to access the application form or email me for more information.


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