2018 – 2019 Suppers

Supper 2nd October 2018


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Reading and Question

Bedford Fellowship Useful and Kind

SOW Model

Evaluation Data 02.10.18

Forward planning Document 02.10.18

Notes from the evening






















Supper 6th November 2018

‘The Big Education Conversation’


Reading and Question


Evaluation 06.11.18



Supper 24th January 2019

‘Hope and Creativity’ Shaking up education in sub-Saharan Africa


reading and question

naomi rouse- education in tanzania


evaluation data 24.01.19

forward planning document jan 19


Supper 12th March 2019


AEFP reading and question 12 3 19

Sarah C presentation – MTC

John L Presentation – Love of Reading

Jo C Presentation – Working memory

Evaluation data 12.3.19

Forward planning Document 12.03.19



Spring Lecture with Dr Gary Jones

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Gary Jones slides

Engaging with Evidence Guide



Supper 14th May 2019 with Kimberley Lamb  – Sharing her story

Kimberley C

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Forward planning Document 14.05.19